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Increase your startup's chances of success with our startup consultancy services

Startups are all about a business person who develops, creates and executes their service or brand. However, with so many unknown aspects to consider as an entrepreneur, starting a new business can be a difficult task. In the beginning, every new entrepreneur will be vague and lost if they do not have the correct knowledge on how, to begin with their new venture. They all want to be successful but they do not know the right path to it. And that is when consultants come into the picture. They offer the best consulting services for startups and improve their chances of success.

If you also want to increase the chances of success of your startup, then we at Emkay Infotech offer full-fledged start-up consultancy services that are just perfect for your new venture. We guide our clients, assess their ideas, and show them the right path.

Our startup consultancy services

A business startup often needs assistance. We offer the best consultancy services to our clients and work directly with them to meet their objectives. Our startup consultancy services include:

Best strategy

At Emkay Infotech, we offer a holistic approach to the problems startups face and give them the best solutions. With the right set of strategies, we help you to turn leads into clients. Our consultants help in working on the strategy of your startup and improving the development of your company.

Compliance service

Every new startup must be aware of all the recent rules and regulations of the government. With our compliance service, we ensure that your startup adheres to all the laws and standards of the government.

Perfect marketing

A correct marketing strategy is necessary to help in promoting and selling your services and products. Our experienced marketing consultant guides you to reach your target audience and improve the visibility of your brand on the different platforms as well.

Financial Assistance

For a startup, it is very important to make the correct decisions when it comes to financing and investing. Our experienced finance experts have the right knowledge about the present stock values, tax, other economic structures, current market scenario, and everything about finance. We offer you the right financial advice and guide you to use your money in the right place.

Technology services

Being aware of the latest technology is also very necessary for a new business venture. Our IT experts have all the right knowledge in technical areas such as software programming, designs, and data management. We suggest you with the right computer software and hardware, to assist you with high-performing systems.

Social Media services

Today, we are in an age where almost every startup expects to have a strong social media presence. Emkay Infotech offers the best social media services for your startup to enhance your brand visibility and connect with your target audience. Our different social media services include increasing brand awareness, increasing traffic and conversions.

SEO service

We offer a complete set of integrated Search engine optimization (SEO) services to increase the digital growth of your startup. Our various SEO services include right keyword research, regular keyword tracking, relevant content, building links, on-page SEO services, e-commerce SEO services, off-page SEO services, website analytics, etc.

Legal Service

Emkay Infotech offers the best legal advice and resolves any legal issues a startup may face. Our legal consultants offer specialization in various forms like banking, tax, contract, real estate, and other such legal issues.

Public Relation (PR) service

Our PR experts help your startup enhance its presence and their view on different public platforms and forums. We take care of your campaigns and take your business to the media and assist in setting up interviews, influencer marketing, campaigns, and press releases.

Know the benefit of taking consulting services for startups

Taking consulting services for startups lessens the work of the entrepreneur and makes their job very easy. Read below the benefits you will get if you take consulting services for your new business ventures.

  • Your consultant will give you the best tip and help you in learning the best tricks to reach organic growth.
  • The consultants will prepare a perfect road map and checklist for you and will help you in every step of checking your progress.
  • You can increase your knowledge and expertise in a specific field or niche.
  • Without experimenting and wasting much time and energy, you can make better decisions from the start of your business.
  • They will guide you in researching, planning, advertising, and branding.
  • Taking consulting services for startups will keep up with the latest market trends which include the likes and needs of your customers, competitors, and target audience.
  • You will get honest feedback from your consultant and will inform you where you are lacking. They will also help and guide you in eradicating and solving any problem you face.
  • They always offer you with right management advice as they have all the knowledge in marketing, planning, finance, and the right set of strategies.


Why take our Consultancy services

We are one of the leading consultancy service providers in India. We offer a large number of support services to business startups. We help entrepreneurs and investors with services to start, grow and excel in their business. As a full-service agency, Emkay Infotech offers a comprehensive set of services for startup companies. Our services are focused on building a strong base for your business, giving countless ways to reach your target customers. Contact us today and our experienced startup consultant will help in improving your startup’s chances of success.

Emkay Infotech, founded in 2017 located in New Delhi, assists businesses across industries in augmenting their marketing efforts and gaining a competitive edge through comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

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