Our Premium

Business Development

We have a perfect program to increase revenue of your business, got any concern about business related to hiring, financers, expansion or setup we are here to help you.

Building Road-Maps For SME’s / Startups

Whatever start-up route lies ahead of you, we will create Roadmap which will provides direction along the way. It will help you chart a course to success, minimizing detours and dead ends so you can get to your goal faster.

Our Premium

Company Profile

We will create a profile by identifying the purpose for the profile, selection of style and format, incorporate company information, writing about company history, describing about their services and products and their demographics etc.

Corporates Collaboration

We help you collaborate with another corporation according to your needs and requirements by conducting a meet.

Financial planning

In financial planning, we analyse current and future costs and income to help determine the best plan of action. It touches every aspect of an organization, including payroll, workforce training, marketing, inventory, research and development and other miscellaneous expenses.

Investors Meet

We connect Indian Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Early Stage Companies and Established Corporates with National or International Angel Investors, Venture Capital Firms, Venture Capital Sources, Investment Funds, Investment Banks, Corporate Investors and Potential Business Partners.

Legal and Tech Assistance

We provide assistance in all legal and technical activities whether it’s about registering your company or software/hardware related issues.

Market Research

We do research about your competitors and market related to your products and services to gather information about trends and demands.

Tax/Account Compliance

We provide all accounting services which includes keeping track of records, invoices, acts of acceptance of goods, works and services and tax closing, filing tax return etc.

Fundraising Assistance

We assist you in starting a fundraising campaign which is the best way to get money and support for your business, creative project or beneficial for society idea. People usually search for an opportunity to get funded when theyhave a start-up idea in mind, creative project plan that needs funding to go live.