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Paid social media advertising to raise brand awareness and promote traffic and conversions to your website

Paid social media advertising services have become an important aspect of any company’s social media strategy. With sponsored social advertising, businesses can diversify their methods to reach the right audience at the right time.

You can distribute your message across prominent social media sites and target a specific audience with paid social media adverts or sponsored messages. Paid social media includes display ads, pay-per-click, and branded content.

Emkay Infotech is a leading business development and digital marketing firm that can help your company improve its performance and meet its objectives by providing social media ad services.

Advantages of paid social ad services

Each social advertising platform has its distinct method of reaching out to users and paid advertisements are one of them. There are several benefits of using paid social ads.

  • If your company has a limited budget and wants to achieve high ROI goals, paid social ads are best for you.
  • Paid social media advertising is an excellent strategy to raise brand awareness and connect with highly qualified potential customers.
  • Paid social ads help in bringing people to your page and convert them into consumers.
  • Paid social advertisements have the potential to turn your customers into repeat customers.

Social media ad platforms

Paid social advertisements can be run on several social media platforms to ensure that your customers get to know about the services and products that you are offering. To target your specific audience, you can run sponsored advertisements on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


Facebook advertising is an excellent way to bring new clients to your company. For those who enjoy buying, Facebook offers its marketplace. Paid Facebook adverts promise stronger brand visibility and access to a broader pool of potential customers.


YouTube viewers are more inclined to purchase something they saw on the platform. YouTube could be used to generate leads and sales using text and video adverts. YouTube ads include in-stream ads, out-stream ads, in-feed video ads, and others.


Instagram advertising is a fantastic approach to reaching a new audience, regardless of the size of your company. Paid advertisements on Instagram are great ways to attract customers. Instagram ads run in users' feeds and contain a “sponsored” label.


Some audiences look for specific items or services on Twitter. You can run paid Twitter ads to target audiences who are on the lookout for specific products. Paid Twitter ads appear as “promoted ads” or “follower ads”.


Social media platforms like LinkedIn could be used to generate leads through appealing and tailored LinkedIn advertisements. LinkedIn sponsored postings could be image advertising, carousel ads, and employment adverts.

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Why choose Emkay Infotech?

Emkay Infotech is a leading social media marketing agency that specializes in using social media to help businesses develop. Our social media advertising services can help you achieve your objectives to improve your brand’s social media presence and create targeted leads through paid advertising.

  • Our social experts are well-versed in a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, to guarantee that your business reaches and benefits its target audience.
  • To guarantee you’re engaging with the right audience on the right platforms, our social ads experts build a comprehensive strategy that includes audience analysis, landing page optimization, and compelling creative production.
  • For data-driven targeting and messaging, our social advertising teams leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • We create cost-effective, results-oriented campaigns that help you meet your advertising objectives.

Emkay Infotech, founded in 2017 located in New Delhi, assists businesses across industries in augmenting their marketing efforts and gaining a competitive edge through comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

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