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We are here to make advance actionable insights into product, technology, customers, competition, and marketplace and to make back-end decisions for your business.

Market research is defined as the assessment of the viability of a new product or service conducted directly with potential consumers. It allows organizations or companies to determine their target market, collect and document opinions, and make well-versed decisions.

Market research can be conducted directly by organizations or companies or outsourced to agencies that have expertise in the field. The process of market research can be done by conducting surveys, interacting with a group of people, also known as sampling, conducting interviews and other similar processes.

If you don’t have your own team of market research experts, Emkay Infotech can handle everything for you. From designing your study to finding survey participants to conducting the study and reporting the results, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our market research services

Our market research services help companies identify growth opportunities and develop a competitive strategy based on a comprehensive understanding of their customers and the market as a whole. Unlike other market research firms, we apply a robust, comprehensive market research strategy to ensure maximum research coverage. Our market research consulting services involve applying the right methods from primary and secondary sources to gather market intelligence. Our industry experts and consultants excel at reading the fine print in the underlying data to provide customized market research data and actionable insights. Finally, we use advanced BI & visualization techniques as part of our market research solutions to clarify our findings.

Why is market research important?

Conducting market research is one of the best ways to achieve customer satisfaction, reduce customer churn, and grow business. Here are the reasons why market research is important and should be considered in every business:

Valuable information: It provides information and opportunities about the value of existing and new products, helping companies plan and develop strategies accordingly.

Customer-centric: It helps customers to determine what they need and want. Marketing is customer-centric, and understanding customers and their needs helps companies develop products or services that best suit them.

Forecasting: by understanding the needs of customers, companies can also forecast their production and sales. Market research also helps determine optimal inventory levels.

Competitive advantage: To stay ahead of the competition, market research is an important tool for conducting comparative studies. Companies can develop business strategies that help them stay ahead of their competitors.

What we offer

Market Intelligence

Emkay Infotech’s market research solutions are based on primary research and data analysis to analyze the changing trends in the market environment. They keep companies abreast of their competitors’ successes and strategies to help formulate business strategies and forecasts. We evaluate market opportunities through advanced data analytics and data visualization capabilities. Our market research helps companies become customer-centric, understand market demands and consumer opinions, gather relevant data in real time, improve upselling opportunities, reduce risks, increase market share, and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Expert in the intelligent application of primary research methods, including computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI), in-person interviews, and focus group discussions (FGD) to gather market intelligence.

  • Benefit from quantitative and qualitative market research approaches in our primary and secondary research methods that compare your company to the competition, evaluate breakthrough technologies and products, and understand factors that influence consumer behavior.

  • Reach out to sector experts who can read the fine print in the underlying data, validate results, and provide actionable insights.

  • Advanced data tabulation and visualization capabilities that reveal interesting patterns, trends and correlations within your current and target markets.

Business Strategy

Emkay Infotech specializes in developing competitive strategies to achieve business goals, improve the customer experience, attract new customers, and increase business performance. Our business intelligence consultants identify target markets by developing a multi-channel marketing strategy based on continuous market assessment with a focus on cost and differentiated products and services to drive business performance. Business isn’t the same as it used to be or as it’ll be tomorrow. That’s why we develop business strategies that are flexible, adaptable and based on current research.

  • Understand expansion options, explore domestic and foreign markets based on our assessment of product suitability, and plan acquisition and collaboration strategies.

  • Expert market research consultants help integrate digitization into business strategy, identify gaps, understand customers, and increase sales with the latest technologies.

  • Evaluate sales and marketing strategy to improve team integration and leverage the power of automation to increase the efficiency of current processes.

We offer professional help at every stage, from respondents to reporting

  • The right subjects for each research project

No matter how specific your target audience, we can help you find them. We work with the industry’s best sampling providers to give you access to thousands of panellists with the segmentations, quotas and splits you need.

  • Your research experts on speed dial

From setting up your project to managing it to reporting results, we’ll take care of every phase. Our team of experts can help you design surveys and research methods, from cluster analysis to pricing.

Emkay Infotech, founded in 2017 located in New Delhi, assists businesses across industries in augmenting their marketing efforts and gaining a competitive edge through comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

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