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Grow your business’s length and breadth without facing any legal hazzard with our legal consultancy services

The last decade has witnessed great changes for in-house legal professionals. General counsels are under increasing pressure to meet current and future business challenges and deal with a complex and ever-changing legal landscape. The stakes are increasingly high and expectations are rising, but resources remain limited.

Emkay Infotech’s legal consultancy services were developed by attorneys in collaboration with experts from a variety of Emkay Infotech’s practice areas, including business advisory, risk advisory, and tax advisory. is a collection of models, frameworks and systems designed to help in-house counsel run their departments more efficiently and meet their business needs.

It is an attempt to combine innumerable person-hours of management and consulting experience into a set of services and tools. Our legal constants focus on operating models, technology, work sourcing and cost management.

Why Businesses Need Legal Support Services?

Legal consultancy services are necessary for the smooth functioning of your business. Working with legal professionals gives you confidence and assurance that you are doing things right. You can rest assured that if something goes wrong, you will be properly advised. Having legal experts on your side also keeps you away from illegal acts that could jeopardise your business.

Expert legal consultants can help you in:

  • Dealing with legal issues
  • Registration of your business
  • Expanding the business
  • Handling legal documents
  • Protecting your business
  • Contract management
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Issues with previous, present, or prospective employees
  • Privacy policy and terms & conditions
  • Equity

Our services include

Legal Operating Model

Different events may lead to the need for a redesign of the legal operating model: A merger, the appointment of a new CEO or general counsel, a cost challenge, or a change in business strategy can force companies to re-evaluate aspects of their legal functions. Emkay Infotech’s legal supports companies looking to change their legal operating model, whether with a large-scale, end-to-end transformation or a targeted assessment of a specific area.

Depending on each client’s needs, we can plan and coordinate a comprehensive redesign of the legal operating model or smaller, targeted changes in specific areas.

Our solutions can:

  • Increase efficiency through process improvements and technology deployment
  • Improve service delivery and reduce tailbacks
  • Streamline risk management protocols
  • Reduce legal spend
  • Empower the legal team to emphasis on critical and tactical initiatives

Legal Process

The internal and external factors driving change in organizations present an opportunity for legal departments. Emkay Infotech with its legal consultancy services helps clients assess and, where appropriate, redesign their internal legal processes. Our legal process consultants help clients develop systematic, intuitive and efficient processes. In recent years, companies have been particularly keen to revamp their processes in the following areas:

  • Client contract management
  • Supplier contract management
  • Dawn-raid readiness
  • Compliance protocols
  • Corporate management
  • Litigation management

Legal Risk and Matter Management

In many companies, legal risk is not clearly identified and assessed. This can create bottlenecks and keep legal teams busy putting out fires instead of defining a risk framework and developing strategies to prevent critical legal risks. Working closely with our clients’ in-house legal professionals, Deloitte Legal creates an assessment of the current state of risk management, a gap analysis, and a roadmap to close those gaps, including potential technical solutions. We help companies manage their legal risks with best practices and industry standards in key areas such as:

  • Litigation/disputes
  • Legislation changes
  • Contract management
  • Data privacy

Legal Sourcing

General Counsels are faced with ever-increasing challenges in an ever-changing landscape – and with limited resources. Deloitte Legal helps clients build a model that can do more with fewer resources by combining internal resources with technology and external service providers.

Our sourcing teams have deep knowledge of novel legal sourcing strategies, such as working with panels of global or regional firms, collaborating with alternative service providers, and leveraging technology. By applying these insights to our clients’ specific objectives, Deloitte Legal helps firms efficiently and effectively align tasks and appropriate resources, resulting in a faster and more effective legal department that can focus on strategic priorities.

Legal Technology

Technology has transformed the way legal services are delivered. Proven and new digital tools can help teams provide more consistency and transparency across boundaries than ever before. Technology can also help mitigate risk through greater efficiency and reliability, automate routine and repetitive work, and help free up the team for strategic priorities, achieving more with less.

Our legal services help general counsels and their teams select and implement the technology that works best for them – aligned with their people and their goals.

We help them:

  • understand what’s available in the marketplace
  • Understand what is right for them
  • Design and build a legal technology architecture that delivers enterprise-wide value

Legal Labs

In a decade of accelerating economic, technological and regulatory upheaval, legal executives are challenged to identify the invisible intersections between their business units and make decisions that will impact their entire organization. Our legal consultant teams run labs to help clients realize their full potential. They apply a set of proven principles that combine behavioral science, analytics, technology, and facilitation to overcome the obstacles that impede progress. Obstacles like groupthink, project entropy, change fatigue, task scope expansion, and just about anything else that can slow growth.

Emkay Infotech, founded in 2017 located in New Delhi, assists businesses across industries in augmenting their marketing efforts and gaining a competitive edge through comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

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