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Get funds quickly and grow your business with our fundraising assistance service

Fundraising is the process of seeking and collecting voluntary financial contributions by engaging charitable trusts, federal authorities, businesses, or individuals. It also refers to the method of gaining a fund, necessary to start or run an existing business, and making sure that the investor can continue funding which helps the business in attaining its goals.

Fundraising is a very demanding task. Every business establishment requires funds to secure constant growth and prosperity. No matter how big or small your company is, Emkay Infotech helps you to raise funds for your business with our best services. We have highly qualified professionals who will work for your company and make your fundraising successful.

Know the things to be considered before fundraising

Before you start a fundraising program you must consider certain things to make fundraising successful. Things to be considered before fundraising include:

  • Accurate market analysis
  • Correct legal structure
  • Market competition
  • Make a business model
  • Growth factor
  • Building trust of investors
  • Forming a good network
  • Thorough research on potential investors
  • Equity capitalization

Our Fund Raising Assistance Services

At Emkay Infotech, we create a suitable and robust fundraising action plan for your company regardless of how big or small your budget is. Our fundraising assistance includes:

Best Fundraising Strategy and Planning

To optimally utilize your resources and plan for a long-term fundraising agenda for your company, it is very necessary to have a clear, actionable, and practical fundraising strategy. Our skilled professionals help you create appropriate fundraising strategies so that you can raise enough funds to run your company and projects for many more years.

Proposal writing for a project

For a company, it is very important to write a winning proposal to attract donor agencies. With over years of experience in this field, Emkay Infotech is the best in the business to write customized complete project proposals for your donor agencies. We write proposals only after conducting a field visit to your organization and studying your need analysis.

Fund Mobilization through CSR

We help your company raise funds through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our experts guide and help you to recognize national and international business organizations that would fund your projects. This relationship is built based on the vision and larger community development goals you can attain through CSR Funds of the organizations.

Digital Media Fundraising Service

To enable your company to achieve higher online visibility and enhanced brand image, we assist you to develop result-oriented digital media marketing strategies. Today, for successful fundraising focused digital media marketing is very important. Our qualified digital media experts work with you to acquire your digital media strategies up and running effortlessly.

Best Fundraising Support

We offer comprehensive fundraising support to your organization in terms of identifying the right donors for the organization, preparing your company to receive funds, and lastly connecting them to you.

Communication Strategy for Fundraising

It is very important to integrate the programmatic as well as fundraising efforts to form an integrated communication strategy, at a time when brand positioning is seen as vital as fundraising. This integrated strategy, not only looks at effortlessly tying in the fundraising goals with the organizational objectives but also looks at successfully using diverse online and offline communications channels.

Best Project Report Writing and Documentation Services

As per the needs of funding agencies, we write project progress reports and project completion reports for your organization. As you may know, project documentation is an essential part of a project report, we carry out documentation assignments to create traceability and support for the completion of the project requirements. In order for you to improve your performance and attain the maximum possible results, we also undertake monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects.

Key requisite to successful fundraising 

For successful fundraising for your company, you must know the important requisites of it. The key requisites to successful fundraising include:

  • Identify why the company needs to raise funds.
  • Select an appropriate fundraiser.
  • Create a goal and implement a proper cost to profit ratio
  • Making a proper budget
  • Effective and proper teamwork
  • Regular follow up and proper execution of activities
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with potential and existing investors.

Why use our services?

Emkay Infotech has a dedicated and experienced team of professionals that assist potential organizations and start-up companies with the finest fundraising services to improve their business growth. We assist our clients by offering the complete knowledge necessary for raising the funds. We offer systematized content to our clients on how to make fundraising successful. We connect our client with the investor who is best suitable for their business only after taking into consideration the area and phase of the business funding of our client.

Emkay Infotech, founded in 2017 located in New Delhi, assists businesses across industries in augmenting their marketing efforts and gaining a competitive edge through comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

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