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With our advanced technologies we deliver new communication and collaboration experiences to achieve common goals, develop new ideas, and foster innovation.

Get advanced corporate collaboration services for your organization’ growth. Call us now and know how to use collaboration strategies from the experts.

The way we work is changing, and organizations need to find new and better ways to communicate, collaborate, and automate to support their employees in a world shifting to hybrid ways of working. Modern work and security solutions that enable secure communication and collaboration, such as Microsoft 365 and Viva, have rapidly evolved to meet the changing needs of businesses. However, modernizing the workplace requires more than just selecting and implementing the right technology.
Emkay Infotech offers corporate collaboration services to help organisation connect and collaborate with their employees and clients easily. Our strategy goes beyond configuring and deploying solutions to include a mindset of continuous adoption and change management, as well as operational governance that defines support and focus for the security and compliance needs of the business. Ultimately, a holistic strategy provides a solid foundation for creating a modern workplace that focuses on the employee experience and enables team members to collaborate better.
As more and more people work remotely, business collaboration is a powerful tool that can drive your business forward and generate new ideas. Many companies have already started using internal collaboration tools like video calling and instant messaging that allow their teams to work together quickly and easily, no matter where they are in the world.

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What is corporate collaboration?

Corporate collaboration is using internal and external connections to develop ideas, find solutions, and achieve common goals for your business. Truly successful collaboration is mutually beneficial and is fostered by open, honest and productive communication.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic and the disruption of face-to-face communication, many companies have realized the benefits of remote team collaboration. Companies have cited improved well-being, lower overhead costs and increased productivity as reasons to continue remote work.
The online tools that have favored remote work have reminded companies that collaboration, whether within a small team or an entire company, can happen anywhere. Distance is no longer a barrier to effective collaboration between team members.
Corporate collaboration can also take place off-site. Many companies collaborate to achieve common goals, develop new ideas, and foster innovation.

Our enterprise collaboration services

We encourage collaboration and information self-service between you, your employees, business partners and customers. Here is how:

Power Platform Services

With our Power Platform Services, we help organizations to modernize and mobilize the solutions, forms and methods employees use every day. And with the appropriate governance, we can help you securely extend Power Platform capabilities beyond IT to empower your citizen developers and improve an organization’s ability to quickly respond to ever-changing business needs.

Teamwork Services

Our Teamwork Services help organizations deploy, control and adopt the rich capabilities of Teams, SharePoint and Viva.
More importantly, our Teamwork Services help customers go beyond simply deploying the technology to managing the use of Microsoft 365 to improve communication, foster collaboration, and deliver a better employee experience.

Deployment & Migration Services

For many organizations, moving to the Microsoft 365 cloud platform is a technical and organizational challenge. Our Deployment & Migration Services help organizations deploy Microsoft 365 and migrate existing solutions and data, while our Adoption & Change Management Services help employees adapt to new ways of working.

Managed Services

 Our managed services are a lifeline for organizations looking to improve their ability to support Microsoft 365.
Our services include solutions that identify ways to improve adoption and collaboration, address emerging security threats, and prepare for changes to Microsoft 365.

Security Compliance Services

Remote working, hybrid work arrangements and personal devices enable employees to work from anywhere, anytime. However, the extension of formerly corporate networks into homes and cafes places a significant burden on IT security and corporate compliance. We use a zero-trust framework to secure email, files, messages, and meetings while meeting our clients’ compliance requirements.

Advantages of business collaboration

Shared resources: when companies collaborate internally or externally, resources become available that individuals may not know about or have access to.
Time Savings: Collaborative work saves time and streamlines your team’s workflow.
Learning opportunities: By working more closely with other companies, many employees can benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired during the process and apply them in the future.
Innovation: New perspectives provide companies with the opportunity to develop new and creative ideas and keep stakeholders happy!

Why Emkay Infotech?

With our corporate collaboration services, you can work the way you want from anywhere

Keep your business connected through seamless collaboration across distributed teams. Regardless of employee location, companies are striving for greater employee engagement and a better customer experience to achieve higher productivity and greater business agility. An effective collaboration helps organizations to work smarter and faster.
Emkay Infotech provides collaboration services that help businesses manage an organization’s evolving changes on the path to high growth. We adopt and implement platforms and processes to connect your business performance to your vision. Our goal is to improve your business processes, operations, employee engagement, customer management and innovation through our unique enterprise collaboration offerings.

Emkay Infotech, founded in 2017 located in New Delhi, assists businesses across industries in augmenting their marketing efforts and gaining a competitive edge through comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

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