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Content Creation

In today competitive edge, businesses cannot just rely on the “quality” of their products and services to remain relevant and memorable. It is now about effective content strategies and storytelling that are capable of engaging and retaining your audience. Your content strategy should not just be about sharing posts on social media but adding value that sets you apart from your competitors. Believe it or not, content is the asset that attracts potential customers and grows your business.

Emkay Infotech specializes in the design and production of content in all forms – audio, video and text – and distributes it across all media and channels. Our content creation experts know the basics of content marketing and develop ideas that align with your brand and audience. As a content creation provider, we are also responsible for implementing SEO measures for your digital content and monitoring website and social media metrics.

Our content creation services include



Landing pages


Blog posts

Social media posts

Email campaigns

White papers

How do we work?

What is the scope of our content creation service? As content creators, we begin your marketing campaign by determining your content goals. For example, your marketing goals may be to drive more traffic to your website or to gain more leads through email campaigns. With your vision in mind, we make sure each piece of content created aligns with your goals.

Next, our content creators conduct in-depth research on your target audience and create a Buyer’s Persona. The Buyer’s Persona gives you an idea of the questions your target audience has. The keyword research will show you the volume of your target keywords and whether it’s worth creating content around those keywords.

Once we are clear about the content that you want to us to create, our experts select the formats and channels that are right for the target audience, such as videos, ebooks, blog posts, or podcasts.

Finally, we promote the content we create. What’s the point of creating high-quality content if no one sees it? We will develop an advertising plan and use resources like paid advertising and Google ads to reach your target audience.

Why choose us?

As a content creator, we have qualified staff such as videographers, video editors, and writers. While you can create content yourself, would not you rather leave this work to professionals so you can focus on other aspects of your business? Content creation can be exhausting, so outsourcing is right for you and your brand. At Emkay Infotech, we generate leads, increase brand awareness, and streamline content workflows.

Emkay Infotech, founded in 2017 located in New Delhi, assists businesses across industries in augmenting their marketing efforts and gaining a competitive edge through comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

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