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7 features that will make your portfolio website stand out

Who Doesn’t want a Portfolio Nowadays?

Everyone, no matter the profession. With the high level of competition in each field, each skilled needs to own a portfolio; and if the sector is artistic and associated with arts, it becomes even additional vital to own a portfolio, as a result of it’s a showcase of your talent.

What Is a Portfolio?

A portfolio could be a set of labor samples created by knowledgeable as a showcase of their skills. It may be a collection of photos displaying the talents of the model, the artist, or the style designer; or a collection of drawings displaying the vary of associate degree artist; set of notes/articles written by associate degree aspiring author. With the advancing technologies leading to the virtual shrinking of the planet, it’s out of the question to send physical samples to the potential purchasers or employers, and thence the necessity for a portfolio website.

Using a portfolio you’ll often add and edit and revise your samples to match your ever-growing ability set. and everyone you ought to do is send the link to your prospective consumer or leader, they’ll assess your ability set with simply a click of a mouse or a faucet of a finger. No want for postage or missing out on dates of submission.

It is vital to know that your portfolio website is your reflection. It represents you, and that’s why you ought to make sure that your website fulfils the subsequent criteria:


When you build your portfolio, it’s of utmost importance that you simply clearly list all the services you give, while not beating around the bush. you need to conjointly bear in mind to not sound cock-a-hoop in your portfolio. Use a matter-of-fact tone to state your skills and services.

Also regardless of the profession, there’s not only one skill; there’s continually a variety of skills. And it will get rather confusing for a consumer to know your skills. That’s why it’s vital to not simply state your skills, but conjointly describe them briefly.


It is rather ironic that whereas several professionals embrace a portfolio website containing all the small print of their work profile, not several of them add a photograph there. Adding a photograph to your portfolio website adds that private bit to your prospective audience. It conjointly adds a tinge of credibility to your portfolio. Virtualization adds risk to credibleness however adding that icon of you causes you to be a true person and beats that risk.

Introduce yourself with a customized message; a private message goes a protracted method in establishing connections with prospective leaders or consumers. Another piece of knowledge you will need to contemplate together within your portfolio website area unit your costs. however this can be a risky path to require, you will find yourself underquoting for an enormous project or losing out on a consumer due to a quote too high. That’s why you’ll add a link requesting me to contact you to debate any valuation for the project.

Last but not the smallest amount, you’ll use your portfolio website to indicate your accessibility for work.


If you have got had varied work expertise in your profession then you need to show your work, advertise it. Also, certify you don’t show all of your work on your portfolio, but solely your best work.

If you have got received appreciation and laurels on a bit of labor, then show it off.

Make sure you have got the right permissions for displaying the work, for generally, your best work is also confidential and not sensible for public viewing.


With nice expertise return glad purchasers. If you have got a collection of standard purchasers and have worked with loads of massive names, then certify you show them on your portfolio. this applies even to those purchasers that aren’t very talked-about, as a result of it lets your audience grasp that you simply have a good vary and area unit smitten by your work.

Encourage your past purchasers to post testimonials regarding their expertise in operating with you and post those testimonials on your portfolio website. Reading regarding others’ expertise will certainly facilitate your prospective purchasers to create a positive call towards operating with you.


Do not forget to incorporate your contact details, from email addresses and phone numbers to links to your social profiles like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.  

You can conjointly add a contact kind in your website, that a prospective consumer will fill in details like the sort of project they require from you, the timeframe, budget, and an area to enter the other details if they’d like.

This helps you create a much better call on the way to set about with the projected project and schedule it to satisfy the deadlines.


Minimalism is the in factor currently once it involves net style and development. Cluttering your website with too several details and colors – albeit you’re a graphic designer – will work against you.

Include solely relevant data concerning your work and your contact details.


No matter however spectacular your portfolio is, it’s of no use if it doesn’t have the mandatory visibility. To be in a position to increase the targeted traffic to your portfolio website, you’ll enlist your portfolio website in online galleries.

These galleries list several portfolios of your counterpart professionals, so not solely attracting prospective purchasers, but conjointly permitting you to attach with alternative professionals.

Another methodology you’ll use to extend traffic to your portfolio is by maintaining a journal, and embracing the journal link in your portfolio and therefore the portfolio link in your journal. If you’re a daily blogger, then you’re absolute to attract loads of target traffic to your portfolio website.

You know you’re the most effective at what you are doing, currently, it’s the time for you to show your skills. By adding these options to your portfolio website, you’re positively on the proper track towards managing your freelance streak terribly} very good manner.